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Golden Harvest 2021 Northern Plains Seed Guide

Golden Harvest 2021 South Dakota / Southwest Minnesota Seed Guide

When youre looking at what type of seed to buy, its important to choose a quality, reliable product. The same can be said when youre looking at working with a seed seller and/or adviser. You want to work with a seed seller who is going to provide you with honest recommendations and someone who has your best interest at heart.

Tim Hoggarth is the owner of East River LLP. East River supplies Foundation and Registered Wheat Seed to contracted growers, in 5 States. North Dakota is his home and where he does over 70% of his annual business.

Territories Served:

  • South Dakota
  • North Dakota
  • Northeast Nebraska
  • Western Minnesota
  • Northeast Montana


  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Soybeans

Tim is a Foundation Wheat Supplier. He forms an alliance with various growers for the sale of certified wheat. The corn and soybeans provide a nice mix in the portfolio and within the areas East River serves. He also has growers which produce and sell Certified Wheat Seed. East River also contracts with Syngenta for the sale of corn and soybean products. The combination of these products makes for excellent crop rotation! Tim prides himself on proper seed placement, especially in varied soils.

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